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Our capsule confetti is a random selection of magical goodies from the cauldron! No item is guaranteed because capsules are chosen by the universe at random! However we will redraw duplicate capsules so you can get the most out of your order. I am not able to accept requests for specific items, items swaps, or exclusions. Due to popular demand, this includes requests for no jewelry. I apologize for any inconvenience. Below is a list of all items that are currently possible to receive as of the May 2nd Restock! (Quantity is per capsule! Each capsule is $10)


If you want your order filmed for TikTok please leave me a note on the order page. Due to high order volume, I cannot guarentee that your order will be filmed.


Every order with at least ONE capsule will receive a FREE exclusive Capsule Cauldron sticker, and orders of THREE OR MORE will receive a FREE teaspoon!  🖤



Druzy Sphalerite Palm Stone
Labradorite Palm Stone
Moon Carving
Tortoise Carving

Worry Stone

Crystal Cauldron

Moss Agate Leaf

Butterfly Wing Jar (Ethical)

Mushroom Carving

Magic Mini Broom (Cinnamon Scented)

Antique Style Crystal Ruler



Goddess Necklace

Spider Carving

Moon Carvings Set (3)

Crystal Holder Keychains (2)

Flower Hair Pin

Tumbled Crystal Bag (4-5)

Rough Crystal Bag (2)


Crystal Chip Necklace

Polished Crystal Bracelet

Mini Tower Set (5)

Small Tower

Medium Tower

Large Tower

Incense Holder

Treasure Chest (Empty)

Ritual Candle Bag

Crystal Tree

Adjustable Crystal Ring (Silver Plated Copper)

Wooden Sphere Holder Set (2)

Crystal Teaspoon

Moss Agate Heart Carving
Puffy Rose Quartz Heart
Mini Crystal Sphere Holders (3)

Agate Star Carving

Beanstalk Sticker Pack (3 Stickers)

Crystal Roller Bottle with Vegan Oil

Rock Pet

Crystal Bottle Necklace

Mini Sphere Set
Faux Cat Skull (Resin)
Faux Raven Skull (Resin)
Faux Fox Skull (Resin)
Faux Jackalope Skull (Resin)


Plastic capsules are not included. Your prizes will be packaged and mailed. Have questions about items, pricing, or shipping? Check out the FAQ page!

Capsule Cauldron Confetti

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