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The sister to one of my most popular designs (the Emerald Hoops), these handmade polymer clay earrings are a combination of hot, rose, and petal pinks with silver leaf accents. The top post is silver coated, nickel-free iron. 


(Please excuse the strange arrangement of the right earring in some of these photos, the earrings are not damaged in any way and hang normally. I did not notice that these were caught on themselves before taking these photos.)


♡ Handmade

♡ One of a kind

♡ Light-weight

♡ Polymer Clay

♡ Original Design

♡ Sustainable


❤ Please note: all polymer clay earrings from Beanstalk are handmade and no two earrings are the same. I try to keep colors and designs as close as possible, but please note there could be color or pattern difference from pictured product. ❤

Pink Marble Hoop Earrings

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